Update on public meeting and HVPC recommendation

Given the late notice, we were delighted with the attendance level at our meeting at the football club on Sunday 4th June.

It’s obvious we have very strong support within the village, and it was gratifying that so many people turned out and pledged their allegiance.

The main gist of the meeting was to stress the importance of commenting on BOTH the NEW planning application (ref 2017/91623) and the updates to the old (but still live) application 2016/60/91967/W .

Furthermore, on Monday 5th a meeting of the Holme Valley Parish Council UNANIMOUSLY voted to recommend the rejection of the development on the grounds of sustainability, and the grounds that until Kirklees Local plan is judged to be valid, there should be no exploitation of green
Please note HVPC decisions are just recommendations to the Kirklees planning committee, and the decision will rest with them, so we’ll be fighting hard to ensure common sense prevails.

We’re also fundraising as we will need all the help we can get (possibly professional) to convince Kirklees that HADE EDGE IS DIFFERENT (as we all know it is!). Please email hadeedge@hadeedge.com if you would like to donate.

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