Tips for objecting to the planning application

As part of putting the best fight possible we have taken advice from a lot of experienced parties, and given that the application is outline only, we have listed below a few key points that we understand will carry the most weight in your objections.

Updated 15/8/2016 14:00

At this stage, opposing any things such as the finishes or the detail of the plans is irrelevant; though you may want to add any points that impact you personally as you see fit, e.g School places, etc etc.

We feel as a group that an ideal opposition letter/submission should contain the following points (expressed in your own words).

  • The development would have a substantial negative impact on the character and amenity of the village (this is the “swamping” issue for our small village and the impact would be greater if the whole of the safeguarded site is developed).
  •  The site is in an unsustainable location in transport terms (i.e. there are very few facilities within an acceptable walking distance and poor public transport). This effectively means that every home will need at least one car – which flies in the face of any sort of goals for reducing transport related congestion, delays and C02. Quite apart from being about as far as possible from A&E, etc as it could be.
  • The services in the village (drainage etc) will not cope with this development (the applicant has not explained how surface water drainage for example will be dealt with).
  • There is a potential highway safety issue from increased traffic turning right into the village at the top of Dunford Road as forward visibility is poor (this would be made worse if the whole of the safeguarded land is developed).

In some of the supporting documents that the developer has submitted, developing the whole of the ‘safeguarded land’ is referred to – so it’s worth contesting the fact that the application doesn’t address the impacts of this happening.

Remember – Objections are per person so you can make more than one objection per household.

You don’t have to be a resident – so getting your friends and family to object in their own words is valid. Ask as many ask you can to object!

You can see the planning application and start an objection by clicking here.
The window for objections currently closes on Friday 7th September so time is of the essence.



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