New Consultation document from Savills / Jones Homes

Jones Homes House from the Savills documentSome (but not all) residents will be aware that there has been a new consultation document and questionnaire from Savills, who are acting on behalf of Jones homes. This is available for download here.

Our recommendation is that we get as many people to make a limited response to this as follows:

Respond to questions 1 and 2 to the effect that:

Though Kirklees may need more housing (though we doubt that the calculations are valid), Hade Edge is NOT the right place for a development of this type or scale on sustainability grounds. In addition, transport and other infrastructure is inadequate, and a development of this type will swamp the village and change it’s character irreversibly.

We think the rest of the questionnaire is designed to elicit answers that can be used to the developers benefit and therefore should be struck through and not answered. It’s your choice if you decide to give them your personal details.

As an alternative to posting in the document, you can email Jonathan Ainley at Savills with a message as per the above. His email is

As always, thanks for your help!


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