URGENT – Last Minute Changes to Kirklees Local Plan

It has come to our attention in the last couple of days that Kirklees officers have been working on changes to the draft local plan and they are NOW recommending that the plot at Hade Edge be released for building land in the next Local Plan. It looks to us like they are doing this because they are currently under pressure from the developer rather than a reflection of a true re-assessment of the viability of the land.

All our arguments still stand – the site was listed as 52nd most sustainable site – out of 53 sites!

This does not on the face of it affect the current application, as the plan would still be draft – but it’s easy for Kirklees to make the assumption that if it is seen as available in the next local plan, the argument against development could be seen as weakened.

This was only published on Wednesday, and they are only giving people a few days to process the information and object to this change. There is an ‘Extraordinary’ council meeting next Wednesday 12th October where YOU can make representation but you need to register by emailing andrea.woodside@kirklees.gov.uk before 4pm TODAY.

We were unable to find references to Thursday’s Examiner article online but here’s a picture of the article.

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