Kirklees Local Plan open for comment

As of 9am this morning, the latest version of the Kirklees Draft Local Plan is available for people to comment on. In this version, which has been approved by councillors, the land covered by the Jones Homes application is recommended to be allocated for building. The window for comments ends on 19th December.

Here’s the link:

According to the Kirklees website the plan will ‘set out how much new development there should be, where it will go and what policies will be necessary to achieve the strategy. The plan covers the period 2013 – 2031. This is the Strategies and Policies document which sets out a range of strategic and detailed planning policies for you to comment on.’

It’s our job, as individuals and as a committee, to put the arguments forward to demonstrate that Hade Edge is the wrong place to put 66 and more homes – it’s unsustainable, illogical, and immoral, when so much brownfield sites are available. We also contest that the legal requirements with regard to biodiversity are being sidestepped; we intend to fight this.

So what’s happening and what should you do? 

Members of the HEFF committee have a meeting with the policy officer (this was planned previously but he gave back-word) on the 21st and we intend to do another update then, advising on what we think are the best arguments to put forward.

We’ll also be planning a press release and getting a photo shoot together where we’d like as many residents as possible involved. Stay tuned!


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