Enlisting the help of friends and family

As well as a detailed and official planning objection, it’s a good idea to enlist (beg for?) the help of friends and family to add weight to our arguments. Though not always a deciding factor the number and quality of individual objections will add weight – so every little helps.

It’s better if the objections are worded personally, but here’s an example of a request to send out to your circle of friends explaining what the situation is, etc.


Hi (Friend)

As you know we’re in a bit of a pickle in our village – if you could help us that’d really be appreciated… (intro tailored to suit friend!!!!)
You may be aware that Kirklees planning is in a bit of a state at the moment. According to their figures they have a shortfall of available housing land ‘borough wide’ stating that they only have 2.45 years worth of the required 5 years.

(According to Cllr Charles Greaves parts of the Holme Valley areas has 7+ years availability, but this does not factor in the way the requirements are applied to the wider Kirklees area.)

The Kirklees Local Plan that should have been adopted by now identified certain green field land as not to be developed until at least 2031. One of these tracts is in our small village of Hade Edge (Currently Hade Edge has apporximately 175 houses). The first phase, if approved, will increase the size of the village by 66 houses, with a doubling of the village if the whole plot is developed.

Because of the alleged ‘shortfall’ these pieces of land are being targeted by opportunistic profiteering national developers with no stake in the countryside or the community, aiming to maximise the ‘roof count’ despite the impact on our village. We contest that the development would not be sustainable on a number of levels – a key requirement of the National Planning Policy Framework.

I am asking you to add your opposition to the development by commenting on the Kirklees website or writing a letter. We have put together some pointers on what we think are the best things to mention in an objection to this ‘outline application’ here.

You can see the application and object by commenting online on the Kirklees website here. Separate objections per person are allowed – so please ask others that know and love Hade Edge to comment too!

Thanks in advance for your support.

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